Why An iOS Screen Recorder App Is a Must-Have For Any Business

Technology is redefining how and increasingly where people work. Smartphones give businesses the flexibility to take your office anywhere. Now a new IOS screen recorder app is upping the game for employees who use their phone for work.

Built-in screen recording technology is available for iPhone or iPad users who work on the go. Screencast-O-Matic now offers its popular screen recorder in the App Store for iOS devices

Many businesses have adapted screen recording software to improve office communication, enhance customer service and streamline product development.  Here are several more reasons why businesses should use a mobile screen recorder to improve communication and efficiency at work.

Out-of-Office Communication

Smartphones are the primary link for employees once they leave the office. However, with a mobile screen recorder, you don’t need to physically be present to put in some face time at work. Employees can create recordings on the go so they can send updates as they travel outside the office. 

Employees can review presentations on the phone and provide immediate feedback by using the screen recorder app.  They never have to lose touch with the team. 

Recordings captured by the app can be shared via text or emailed in a few easy steps.

Using these recordings to effectively communicate in business is increasingly important as the traditional work environment changes. More than 50% of businesspeople work outside of their company’s main office location for at least half of the week.

Troubleshoot Issues In Customer Service 

Customer service agents can troubleshoot apps by recording step-by-step videos for customers as they talk through an issue.  

Create a full circle experience by having customers use the IOS screen recorder app to show-and-tell issues or problems. Have them record their screen and provide customer service employees with the recording.  It’s an easy way to troubleshoot issues.  

The app allows users to narrate over their screen recording. By using their audio narration, users can pinpoint their issues and communicate their problem more efficiently.  

Cutdown on wordy emails, deep FAQ pages, and go beyond simple screen grabs by creating a video on your smartphone.

App Training Videos and Tutorials

The same can be applied to training. The most common pitfall comes from a lack of knowing how to use mobile tools.

Screen recording makes it a quick three-step process to capture a video. Verbally explain the how-to steps to offer employees or customers an easy-to-use reference.

Consider screen recording for onboarding new employees. Create mobile videos to teach social media basics or in-depth CMS how-tos. These videos will help save time and increase communication. The videos can be shared repeatedly across a variety of platforms.

New App Demos

Smartphone screen recording makes communicating with clients easy.

The ability to record a smartphone screen is a must for technology-based companies with their own apps. 

Users can maximize screen recording by creating short demo videos teaching clients about new app features. Take clients step-by-step through the anatomy of your product.



Go beyond your smartphone to access the editor from a PC or Mac computer. The video editor offers a robust editing suite to enhance videos by adding text, music, and animation. The creative possibilities are endless.  

With screen recording available in the palm of your hands, businesses have more flexibility in creating videos.  You can market apps, engage with employees, or troubleshoot with customers.


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